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Collegiate Way International: Celebrating 10 Years! 

In 2024, we will mark the tenth year of Collegiate Way International (CWI). CWI is a global network of like-minded higher education professionals. We believe that university colleges are the best way to support the ever-changing needs of students in the twenty-first century.

Since 2014, CWI has hosted conferences in the U.K., Australia, the U.S.A. and Canada. Our last conference took place at Trent University, one of Canada's top undergraduate universities. To find out more and view some of the illuminating talks presented at the conference, see our dedicated conference page.

Our next conference will be held at Durham University in 2025. Keep coming back to this website for more details!

Image Credit: Trent University

What's so special about the Collegiate Way anyway?

One of the many lessons that the recent pandemic has reminded us of is the importance of community. The first collegiate spaces were rarified areas where small groups of scholars could learn and live in a safe and supportive environment. Today, at the heart of the collegiate way is this centuries-old belief that education happens on an intimate, human scale. People also thrive when they know they are part of something larger; a member of an interconnected community of diverse backgrounds and interests. Safe college spaces and supportive college fellows, faculty, and staff are the building blocks of a university education. These spaces help to inculcate a common belief in the importance of education, not only as a means of self-improvement, but also as a way to provide the necessary tools to improve the lives of others. For us at Collegiate Way International, there is no better way.  If this resonates with you, feel free to contact us for more information on resources and upcoming conferences.