Collegiate Communities in a Changing World
May 18 to 20th, 2022
Hosted by Trent University, Peterborough

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Wednesday, May 18th
12:30pm: Informal Socializing & Networking
1:00pm: Conference Opening / Land Acknowledgement
                          Michael Eamon, Chair, Collegiate Way International
1:15pm: Participants Welcome
                          Marilyn Burns, Vice President, Communications, Enrolment & Colleges, Trent University
1:30pm: Panel: Durham University OnDemand – Student Online Platform
                          Jeremy Cook, OBE; Quentin Sloper; Lynsey Finnemore; & Melanie Buddle (Moderator)
2:30pm: Break
3:00pm: Student Support in the Time of COVID

                          Christine Freeman-Roth (Moderator)
              Mind the Gap: Supporting Working Class and First-Generation Students during COVID-19
                           Eleanor Spencer-Regan
              Re-Envisioning 'Living-Learning’ in a Living-Learning Programme: Insights from COVID-19 Pandemic
                          C.K. Ho & K.C. Lee
              Changing Cultures for our Changing World
                          Katrina Clifford
4:00pm: Virtual Reception

Thursday, May 19th
1:00pm: Panel: Walking in Two Worlds
                          Richard Latu, Fisi’ilose Veatupu, Rapata Wiki-Cummings, & Tina Fridgen (Moderator)
2:00pm: Break
2:30pm: Higher Education in Macau

                    Melanie Sedge (Moderator)
              Macao’s Transformation East and West: Its Phenomenology, Language, Complexities to Commedia Dell’arte

                          Kit Thompson
              A Venture in Commerce and Culture: The University of East Asia in the 1980s
                          Priscilla Roberts
3:15pm: Break
3:30pm: Innovations & Best Practices

                          Jessica Becking (Moderator)
              GreenHouse: A Social Innovation Incubator
                           Richard Myers & Tania Del Matto
               Preparing for 2050: Innovation Opportunities within University Colleges
                           Will Cesta
              Collegiate Education in an Uncertain World: Inspiration or Indulgence
                          Martyn Evans
4:30pm: Collegiate Way International Business Meeting (Moved to Friday)

Friday, May 20th

12:30pm: Informal Socializing

1:00pm: Panel (Part I): Residential Colleges Symposium Plenary
                          Carl Krieger & Clark Maddux (Moderators) with Kent Bream, Karen Inkelas, and Jennifer Eidum
1:45pm: Break
2:00pm: Panel (Part II): Residential Colleges Symposium Q & A
                          Carl Krieger & Clark Maddux (Moderators)
2:50pm: Break
3:00pm: Plenary Speaker -- Hamza Khan: "Beyond Burnout"
3:30pm: Closing, Goodbye, Collegiate Way International Business Meeting
                          Michael Eamon, Chair, Collegiate Way International

Collegiate Way International
Collegiate Way International (CWI) is a world-wide association of residential and university colleges founded in 2014. Its mission is to support collegiate higher education around the world, particularly through the facilitation of interdisciplinary conferences. Previous conferences have been held at Durham University (2014), the Australian National University (2016) and Rice University (2019). For more information: 

Trent University, Peterborough
One of Canada's top universities, Trent University was founded on the ideal of interactive learning that's personal, purposeful and transformative. It was built as a collegiate institution in 1964 and is a leader in many fields including Education, Nursing, Environmental Sciences, and Canadian Studies. For more information:

General questions about the Conference can be sent to:
Dr. Michael Eamon

Chair, Collegiate Way International

Conference 2022 - Peterborough, Canada

Hosted by Trent University, Peterborough, the Collegiate Way International 2022 online conference took place May 18 to 20th, 2022. This year's theme was Collegiate Communities in a Changing World. This online conference offered an important forum for collegians to present best educational practices from around the globe, particularly considering the current pandemic context.

Collegiate Way International Online Conference: Final Schedule